Menopause or Something More?

09/26/17 1:41 PM

Menopause or Something More?

As you get older, there are numerous symptoms that you may experience which are likely to be attributed to the menopause, and most of the time, that will be the cause. However, some of the symptoms commonly associated with menopause can be a symptom of something more serious, and it is important to be aware of this if you are to remain vigilant about your health.

Here are some common symptoms which could be menopause or something more:

Changes to Your Periods

If you’re over 40 and under 60, and you’ve started to notice your periods are more irregular, more or less heavy or otherwise different from the norm, there’s a good chance that your doctor will put it down to menopause, especially if you’re experiencing other symptoms like mood swings along with your periods.

However, having irregular periods can also be a sign of something more serious, most notably cervical cancer, So, if you’re experiencing symptoms like heavy bleeding, blood clots, spotting and bleeding after sex, be sure to see a gynecologist and have it checked out. It’s probably nothing, but better safe than sorry!

Hot Flashes

If you’re in the prime age for menopause and you go to your doctor with hot flashes, he or she is going to immediately assume that you’ve reached that time of life, most of the time, and send you off with instructions to try  Isula Natura for menopause or perhaps with a prescription for HRT. This is fine and will really help you IF menopause is the cause of your hot flashes. However, the hot flushes, excessive sweating and heart palpitations which are characteristic of the menopause are also common symptoms of hyperthyroidism too!

If you’re losing a lot of weight despite not trying to and you always feel hot even when it’s cold, don’t just settle for a diagnosis of menopause and have yourself checked out for hyperthyroidism too.

Losing Your Hair

Losing your hair can be a pretty distressing thing to happen when you’re a woman, but it does happen to a small percentage of ladies when they are going through the menopause, probably due to falling levels of estrogen as the body changes.

However, hair loss can also be, like hot flushes, a symptom of hyperthyroidism, stress and of course alopecia. It may even be a sign that you are deficient in some vital vitamin or mineral and all of these possibilities should be checked out too.


Unfortunately, depression is a very common symptom of the menopause. Women in the perimenopause stage who are given replacement estrogen tend to feel less depressed than those who do not, but just because you are going through the menopause, it doesn’t always follow that your depression is a symptom of that.

Depression is an illness in its own right and it could be that you are experiencing that independent of the menopause. It could also be that you are suffering from personal stresses and strains, or again, hyperthyroidism could be the culprit, and this means you might need something more than estrogen to see you through.

So, next time you’re experiencing a symptom, and you or your doctor are inclined to put it down to menopause, remember: It might be menopause, but it could be something more!

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