When Should I Visit a Gynecologist?

Although everyone’s system and habits are vastly different, visiting a gynecologist is an important practice that should be implemented regularly by any woman. Particularly due to the immense value of education about things like STD’s, pregnancy, the effects of sex, and other issues pertaining to women’s bodies, it is recommended to start seeing a gyno between the ages of 13 and 15. Going in for the first visit during those early years of development allows you to establish a long-lasting relationship with your doctor, allowing you to become comfortable and them to cultivate a familiarity with your specific situation, habits, needs, and personality.

Thereafter, women should visit the gynecologist at least once a year. Particularly during the years of sexual maturation, it is important to monitor those bodily changes and make sure that everything is running normally. Pelvic exams are usually conducted during gynecological appointments, and women aged 21 and over are also recommended pap smears on an annual basis to make sure there are no abnormalities or reproductive health problems.

There are also extenuating reasons to visit a gynecologist, in cases where you experience:

  • Unusual discharge
  • Irregularities in the menstrual cycle or “spotting” in between periods
  • Post-sex bleeding
  • Pain, swelling, itchiness, or any other discomfort
  • Pelvic pain or severe cramping
  • Any changes in the physical appearance or sensation of breasts

These are all things to keep a sharp eye out for. Visiting the gynecologist at the first sign or symptom of trouble is crucial, as doctors can be instrumental in preventative care and treatment of all kinds of feminine issues. A gynecologist is a friend who wants to help you stay healthy – but remember, use your common sense, educate yourself about all these issues, and follow your instincts. You are the commander of your own health: take charge of it with utmost responsibility.

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