Beauty Treatments During Your Pregnancy: What Is Safe For You?

03/25/21 1:10 PM

There is a point in your pregnancy when you want to pamper yourself a bit and look good. Being pregnant can be stressful, and it does change a woman’s body and appearance. For some women, their appearance can give them a boost of confidence and mood. if you are curious about what beauty treatments you could use even if you’re pregnant, you might consider some natural beauty treatments and non-invasive procedures like a non-surgical facelift. Here are some options available for you.

General Guidelines

There are some good rules of thumb when it comes to beauty treatments during pregnancy. You need to know whether new substances or chemicals are introduced to your body by beauty treatment. The human body is sensitive, especially when it is growing inside the womb. Any substance that you put into your body will affect your baby. Additionally, any procedure that will put a lot of stress on your body will be not good for the baby. These two requirements eliminate many beauty procedures like cosmetic surgery from the running, but there are still some that you can turn to.

Getting Your Nails Done

A perfect manicure or pedicure is sure to cheer you up. While getting your nails done does require some chemicals, you won’t be absorbing any of them. As long as the one doing the manicure artist keeps the fumes away from you and there is good ventilation, you should be safe. Additionally, you should request that they use a manicure that has no formaldehyde and toluene. Both of these substances can be dangerous if absorbed too much. It would be best if you also avoided acrylic nails for a few months.

Receiving A Facial

Facials can help bring back the attractive glow of early pregnancy. The great news is that they are pretty good for pregnant women. They can be very relaxing, and facials also involve some massaging of the facial muscles to relax a bit. But there are different levels of facials. Take note that some facials use chemicals, so you have to ask whether they will be used. Deep-cleansing facials are a pretty good choice for the facial that you can undergo since it doesn’t use chemicals that could be worse. It does exfoliation and cleansing to help control the increased oil levels on your face. Oxygen facials and hydrating facials are also pretty simple and have no adverse effects on your pregnancy.

Relax With A Massage

Massages don’t often get associated with beauty, but facial massages are part of facials. Getting a full-body equivalent is good for you. Being pregnant can lead to a lot of aches and pains. The massage can help with that. But it is not as simple as you think. You should ensure that you are not lying flat on your back on the massage table. This is because the uterus can push down on a large vein in this position, causing you to pass out. Additionally, there are pressure points that can encourage contractions. Coordinate with your gynecologist to ensure that the entire massage experience will be safe for you.

Clean Up With Wax

You probably have hairy legs by now. While body hair should not be your main concern, you might feel like you look ugly with all that excess hair on you. While you can do a shave, there is also the option of waxing. Shaving is risky when you’re pregnant since you have to reach down and do it yourself. The risk of wounding yourself because of your awkward body is pretty big. It is much better to have a waxing expert do it for you. Take note that you should not be lying down flat like in the advice about a massage and that it might be extra painful because of your increased sensitivity. Other than that, there are no additional risks.

Keeping Color In Your Hair

When dyeing your hair, the important thing to remember is that the chemicals can’t directly enter your body when it’s only your hair. If you are willing to let your roots show, then you should be safe. But dyeing too close to the scalp can risk you absorbing some of it, so it’s best to avoid using dyeing chemicals when pregnant.

While there are limited options for beauty, what is available can still work. All you have to do is be careful. If the process is non-invasive, then it will likely be safe for you. If you are not sure, then it is a good idea to consult with your physician.

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